How a process called “reverse optimization” helped a property manager in Sacramento, CA acquire 14 doors in one week

Have you ever heard of reverse optimization?

Probably not… because I created the term (lol)

Reverse optimization is how one of our clients in Sacramento, CA got 14 doors in one week and several more the following week!

Have you ever heard of reverse optimization?

After telling you this, I have a feeling you might be curious how “reverse optimization” works…

So here’s the secret:

After a few months of generating quality property owner leads for our clients, I ask them for a list of leads they’ve closed into new accounts.

Then we reverse engineer the common factors that those closed accounts have, like…

Are they located in a certain zip code(s)?

Was there a common marketing message we used that generated these new accounts?

Was it a certain keyword these leads entered into Google?

Is there a pattern to the days of the week they initially inquired?

…in addition to many other factors.

Once we identify those common factors, we then re-focus the campaign based on the proven data that acquires more customers (not just leads).

Doing this creates massive momentum and efficiency in acquiring more units for our clients.

Many times we’re able to reduce our client’s marketing budget AND produce even better results.

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