How this property manager acquired more doors in 10 days

Acquiring doors is more difficult than most property managers realize…

They choose a marketing company (because marketers all do the same thing right?) and several months later, they’ve spent thousands of dollars with very little growth to show for it.

The problem is that unless you have experience in generating quality property owner leads for a property management company, its unlikely you will be successful the first few times you try.

Marketing for property managers is an art form and… its a skill that we’ve strengthened and refined over the last 12 years.

In this video I discuss how one of our clients’ received 7 property owner leads in only 10 days.

Before using my team and I, it took him 5-6 weeks before he got just 1 lead!

If you’re a property manager looking to break through the ceiling of growth and acquire more units than you’re losing…

…feel free to reach out to my team and I