How to Grow Your Property Management Business With My “3M” Method

I’m going to share with you my 3M Method we utilize to help our property management clients consistently get property owner leads.


The 3-M Method is so powerful, it doesn’t even matter where your business located — stick to it, and you’ll see results.


Our client success stories keep pouring in:

  • Within just five years, Baltimore’s Bay Management Group went from managing fewer than 100 units to managing over 3,000 units.
  • Phoenix’s Brewer & Stratton is averaging close 38 new accounts per month — and that number continues to skyrocket!
  • One of our newest property management marketing clients, Modern Real Estate Service, had never closed any accounts online. Within the first week of working with us, they closed three accounts online.


I couldn’t be happier for these guys! Their success is all about my 3M Method, which stands for Messaging, Method, and Measure.

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My 3M Method to Consistently Grow Your Property Management Business


Are you sure you’re speaking directly to your target audience?


For most property management businesses, there are two audiences: investors and accidental landlords.

Improve Marketing Messaging for Property Management Business Growth


Each of those audiences should have a separate message.


You want to identify their problem, the solution, and then position yourself as the bridge that takes them from their problem to their dream solution.


Can we be real for a second?


Most property management companies offer the same services: rent collection, tenant evictions, etc.


You’ll have to think about what separates you from your competitors. Within that messaging, should be your offer.

  • What are you offering?
  • What is the value that you’re bringing to the table?
  • How are you bringing more value than your competitors?


Answer these questions effectively, and you’ll make your offer irresistible.

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Let’s say you’re speaking to an investor. Maybe some of the value you present within your service is that you have a monthly investment club where you bring in experts (accountants, title companies, etc.) to speak on different topics to educate your clients and help them further their investment knowledge.


Think of value-adding elements you can add to your service and play them up in your marketing, sales pitches, meetings with investors or property owners, and more. Make the value you’re bringing to the table very clear — and let potential clients know they won’t find that with your competitors.



This is the method by which you get in front of your ideal audience: investors and accidental landlords.


Most companies choose the wrong method to start with — maybe YouTube, an expensive (and unnecessary) website, email marketing, or SEO.


Don’t start with those things!


Studying Your Property Management Business for Growth


You want to break your property management marketing down into two methods: short-term and long-term strategies.


With short term strategies, you can get up running very quickly and see a rapid return on your investment.


Last weekend, for instance, we launched a campaign for California’s Blue Line Property Management. Literally within two hours and five minutes, they got their first lead. That’s how quickly it works!


We started with a short-term marketing method of generating property owner leads quickly, turning accounts right away, and then taking some of that growth (funds) and investing it in long-term marketing strategies like videos, search engine optimization, and more.


When short-term and long-term strategies work together like this, they create a snowball effect — and you can dominate your industry.



To successfully grow your property management business, you have to track your numbers and know exactly where your leads are coming from. For all our clients, we track emails, contact form submissions coming through their website, and anywhere else the leads are coming from.

Grow Property Management Business Through Communication


Then, we break it all down to determine the cost per lead and look at the rate at which you’re converting those leads into accounts. We need to know those numbers so you can scale up profitably.


You should be able to look at your numbers and say, for instance, “Hey, I’m spending $20 to acquire a lead and I convert half of our leads. That means one out of every two leads convert into an account.” This means you’re spending $40 per account. Which, for most companies, would make sense — especially when you look at the lifetime value of a customer.


Final Thoughts on My 3M Method to Property Management Marketing

Focus on the 3Ms of property management marketing and you will consistently get high-quality leads that convert into new accounts.


Want to chat about how the 3M Method can help your property management business grow? You can find me right here.

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