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My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create at your event. After our meeting, I will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Many of my programs include a follow-up course or resource for your audience, so they can apply the strategies and processes learned in my presentation. I will also support the promotion of your event through my social network and email list.

Below I’ve listed my most frequently requested programs. Each of these can be customized for your event and audience. I look forward to working with you soon!

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Finding Purpose In Your Adversity: How Cancer Rocked My World 3 Weeks Before My 30th Birthday


Have you experienced an unfortunate event that suddenly turned your life upside down? Or maybe you’re in a difficult stage in your life where you’re barely getting through each day…

I’ve been there. It was April 19, 2016 and life couldn’t be better. At only 29 years old, I ran a successful business, recently got married, and just had my first child 2 months ago. I never expected that the next day I would be throwing up pools of blood and ultimately diagnosed with cancer.

When we find ourselves in a difficult stage in our life, we sometimes ask “why me?” In this program I transport my audience through my journey of battling cancer, the mental struggles along the way and the process I learned to convert my adversity into purpose.

Attendees will know how to answer the question “why me?” in the midst of adversity. They will walk away feeling inspired, knowing life’s difficult stages are temporary and a renewed hope for their future.


Key Takeaways:

  • My H.L.P process for getting through life’s difficult circumstances
  • How to answer the question “why me?” in the midst of adversity
  • Walk away feeling inspired, knowing life’s difficult stages are temporary and a renewed hope for their future
  • NOTE: “There’s Purpose In My Adversity” wristbands can be given to attendees to wear, as a reminder during life’s challenges (inquire for additional details)

What To Do When Your Business Runs Out Of Luck… How To Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes And Profitably Acquire New Customers Online


Are you waiting for the wind to blow in new customers? Maybe you want to grow your business but you can’t figure out the right marketing strategy to increase your sales. You’re not alone. 90% of small businesses struggle with knowing how to generate new customers for their business.

In this program, I help attendees navigate the confusion of online marketing and identify the most effective online marketing channel for their specific business to acquire new customers. Using client case studies and stories, attendees will remember common marketing mistakes to avoid and key strategies within search engine optimization, Google Advertising and Facebook that they can use to profitably acquire new customers.

Throughout the program, I actively involve attendees by using their businesses as examples and solving common marketing issues that impede business growth.


My online course, entitled the “Customer Acquisition Blueprint” can be available to attendees as a follow up to this program. My course will give attendees step-by-step guidance to implement the same strategies discussed in my program to acquire new customers for their business (inquire for additional details).

Standing Room Only! How I Pack My Client Events With Buyers Using Facebook Ads


Are you struggling with getting your ideal customers to attend your events or workshops? You’ve tried promoting it on Facebook, emailing your list, spreading it among your network but you end up with dismal results…

You walk away feeling frustrated and wondering why people aren’t registering!?

In this program I reveal the strategies I use to pack my clients’ events using Facebook Ads. Using stories and case studies throughout my program, I illustrate key strategies that attendees can use to attract and convince their ideal audience to register for their free or paid event.


Attendees will leave knowing how to:

  • Setup a Facebook ad campaign… the CORRECT way
  • Create engaging ads that grab their ideal customer’s attention and convinces them to register
  • Estimate the profitability of a Facebook ad campaign before starting
  • Increase registrant show-up rates and get them excited days before the event begins

0 to 3,000 units in 5 years: The process I Used To Dominate Google And Explode My Client’s Property Management Business


Are you looking to acquire more units to grow your business but referrals or marketing you’ve tried in the past hasn’t allowed you to hit your goals? My client was just like you… Patrick Freeze, president of Bay Management Group, was frustrated with the current results he was getting from his marketing. I implemented an online marketing strategy for his business that took him from a 1-employee business to now hiring over 60 employees, managing 3000+ units, and $500 million dollars in assets… in only 5 years.

In this program, attendees will know the unique strategies we used to dominate Google using search engine optimization and Google AdWords. Attendees will understand what to avoid in online marketing and what is most effective in generating quality leads that convert into managed properties.

Who’s Got My Money!? The Online Marketing Blueprint To Attract And Convince Your Ideal Customers To Buy From You


Are you struggling with attracting qualified leads and buyers? You’re marketing online and receiving phone calls but it seems like most of your leads are unqualified. You know the routine… you get excited when a lead contacts you but in the first few mins of contact, your excitement quickly turns to disappointment after realizing this lead is unlikely to convert into a sale! Each time this happens, you feel that your marketing sneaks up behind you with a smile and snatches the money out of your hand, never to return, leaving you saying “Who’s got my money!?”

In this program, I use real-life examples and stories for attendees to learn the process of identifying who their ideal customers are, how to transform their marketing message to attract qualified leads, and how to get them to buy.

Attendees will leave knowing:

  • Exactly who is there ideal customer
  • The correct marketing message to use for their business to attract their ideal customer and repel unqualified inquiries
  • Where to implement these marketing strategies to maximize their effectiveness
  • NOTE: Attendees will also receive my workbook, “Discovering Your Best Customer”, which guides them through the implementation of the process and strategies in my program.

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