How a Property Manager in Antioch, CA Grew from 16 to 100 Units in Only 18 Months

“I need to talk with you.  Please give me a call”

This was an email that I received this past week…

Not really knowing what to expect, I called my client…

He is a property manager in Antioch, CA that started with us about 18 months ago.

The phone rings and he picks up the phone…

“Jonathan!  I wanted to personally tell you that we picked up our 100th unit today!!”

When we started working with him 18 months ago, he only had 16 units.

We helped him grow from 16 to 100 units in 18 months.

I’ll share with you an important piece of our strategy that worked towards accomplishing this goal:

Each week my team listens to calls and reads website form submissions from owner leads generated from our marketing for our client.

We take notes on pain points owners are struggling with, zip codes the most qualified owner leads are coming from, demographics and more.

Then we take those findings and optimize our marketing around those factors that are generating customers (not just owner leads).

We’re constantly testing marketing messages, offers, unique selling points to see if we can improve upon our previous results.

This helps our marketing to become laser targeted and works towards generating even better results for our clients.

Our hands-on approach is how we’re able to quickly adapt to market changes (like COVID-19)  🙂

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