The Unstoppable Property Manager: The Marketing Approach To Dominate Your Area

If you own a property management company and you’re ready to dominate your market, you’ll need both long-term strategies and long-term marketing strategies working on your behalf, 24/7.

Long and Short Term Property Management Marketing

In the marketing world, we break down marketing into these two categories:

  • Short-term. These are the quick wins — the marketing strategies that begin to work right away, sometimes within the first couple of hours.
  • Long-term. These are the seeds we plant to grow results over time. When you look down the road a few months and see powerful results, you’ll be glad you put these plans into motion.


…And then there’s the snowballing effect, where both strategies start working together, and you truly begin dominating your market.


When I think of how perfectly these strategies complement each other, I often think of the first property management company we ever worked with, Baltimore’s Bay Management Group. When they first came to us, they managed fewer than a hundred units.


We knew what we had to do.


We put both short-term and long-term strategies in place, and within 5 years they were managing over 3,000 units. They now have three offices, two in Maryland and one in Philadelphia, PA.


I remember when Bay Management Group opened up their new office in Philadelphia January of 2018. Within just 12 months, these guys were rocking and rolling, completely dominating the Philadelphia market — ranking #1 for property management.


But why? It was because of the plans we’d set in motion five years earlier:

  • Their website was built like a Ferrari, and we’d been keeping it up to date with customized messaging (and of course, powerful traffic-driving strategies to bring in high-quality leads visitors).
  • We’d been writing plenty of content, sometimes publishing articles of 1200 words or more, up to six times per week.
  • We were always making adjustments where needed, so they’d stay at the front of the pack.

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With this kind of foundation in place, it doesn’t really matter what new location Bay Management Group decides to open up! Because of all that work we did in the beginning, they’re ready to rise to the top of any new market.


We always start with the short-term property management marketing strategies to get the phone ringing right now, to start signing up or closing out accounts, or acquiring more units. Everyone loves a quick win!


Then, we start transitioning into the long-term strategies, looking 1-2 years down the line.


The property management marketing strategies we’re putting in place today are going to help you down the road. The companies that understand this are the ones who dominate their market. And they’re the ones you’ll be hearing about for years to come.

Phone Ringing from Sound Marketing Strategies

I want this very same success for you.


Do you have questions about what this might look like for you? I have the answers! Let’s get in touch.

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