How this property manager acquired more doors in 10 days

Acquiring doors is more difficult than most property managers realize…

They choose a marketing company (because marketers all do the same thing right?) and several months later, they’ve spent thousands of dollars with very little growth to show for it.

The problem is that unless you have experience in generating quality property owner leads for a property management company, its unlikely you will be successful the first few times you try.

Marketing for property managers is an art form and… its a skill that we’ve strengthened and refined over the last 12 years.

In this video I discuss how one of our clients’ received 7 property owner leads in only 10 days.

Before using my team and I, it took him 5-6 weeks before he got just 1 lead!

If you’re a property manager looking to break through the ceiling of growth and acquire more units than you’re losing…

…feel free to reach out to my team and I

The Unstoppable Property Manager

Sometimes we have property managers contact us who are looking for a miracle…

They have just a handful of doors, don’t have much money to spend on marketing but immediately expect to acquire 20 doors per month…

Unfortunately, most of the time, business (or life) doesn’t work that way.

I find that our most successful clients are those who think “long-term”.

They understand that their business is a result of the decisions they’ve made in the past.

So in order to hit their growth goals, they must invest now, to hit their goals for the future.

Our first property manager client, Bay Management Group did exactly that.

When we first met with the owner, he demanded we started with search engine optimization.

He was willing to wait 9 months for his investment to pay off…

But in 6 months, after ALOT of hard work on our end, he started seeing the results of his investment.

Over the course of 5 years, he grew from 100 to 3000+ doors.

Watch the video above to learn about our 3-M approach to marketing and how we stack short and long term strategies to snowball growth for property managers.

How a process called “reverse optimization” helped a property manager in Sacramento, CA acquire 14 doors in one week

Have you ever heard of reverse optimization?

Probably not… because I created the term (lol)

Reverse optimization is how one of our clients in Sacramento, CA got 14 doors in one week and several more the following week!

Have you ever heard of reverse optimization?

After telling you this, I have a feeling you might be curious how “reverse optimization” works…

So here’s the secret:

After a few months of generating quality property owner leads for our clients, I ask them for a list of leads they’ve closed into new accounts.

Then we reverse engineer the common factors that those closed accounts have, like…

Are they located in a certain zip code(s)?

Was there a common marketing message we used that generated these new accounts?

Was it a certain keyword these leads entered into Google?

Is there a pattern to the days of the week they initially inquired?

…in addition to many other factors.

Once we identify those common factors, we then re-focus the campaign based on the proven data that acquires more customers (not just leads).

Doing this creates massive momentum and efficiency in acquiring more units for our clients.

Many times we’re able to reduce our client’s marketing budget AND produce even better results.

Interested in acquiring more units?

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How a Property Manager in Antioch, CA Grew from 16 to 100 Units in Only 18 Months

“I need to talk with you.  Please give me a call”

This was an email that I received this past week…

Not really knowing what to expect, I called my client…

He is a property manager in Antioch, CA that started with us about 18 months ago.

The phone rings and he picks up the phone…

“Jonathan!  I wanted to personally tell you that we picked up our 100th unit today!!”

When we started working with him 18 months ago, he only had 16 units.

We helped him grow from 16 to 100 units in 18 months.

I’ll share with you an important piece of our strategy that worked towards accomplishing this goal:

Each week my team listens to calls and reads website form submissions from owner leads generated from our marketing for our client.

We take notes on pain points owners are struggling with, zip codes the most qualified owner leads are coming from, demographics and more.

Then we take those findings and optimize our marketing around those factors that are generating customers (not just owner leads).

We’re constantly testing marketing messages, offers, unique selling points to see if we can improve upon our previous results.

This helps our marketing to become laser targeted and works towards generating even better results for our clients.

Our hands-on approach is how we’re able to quickly adapt to market changes (like COVID-19)  🙂

See how we’ve helped other property managers acquire more units: 

How to (Ethically) “Steal” Leads from Property Management Competitors

I’m about to let you in on a strategy for siphoning off property owner leads and accounts from your competition.


And please don’t worry — it’s perfectly ethical!

Property Manager Shaking Hands After Getting Leads


Now, this strategy will only work if you feel confident your property management company is better than your competition.


I can’t emphasize this enough:

If deep down, you know your company is not better than your competition, or you’re not sure, this strategy won’t ultimately produce results for you. (If you’d like some help creating services or offers to set you apart from your competition, I can help you out with that, too.)


When your competitor’s’ potential clients are searching for them on Google, they’ll usually type in the company’s name, right? Often, they have a specific company name in mind, and they’ll type it out in its entirety…


So, next time you run a Google ad campaign, create a campaign targeting your competitor’s name in searches.

Property Management Marketing Hacks


Then, in the ad’s messaging, you’ll compare your services to your competitor’s.


You have the potential client’s attention; now demonstrate how the service and value you provide is far above and beyond your competition’s — the very company they’d originally searched for.


So often your competitors’ communication might not be that great (trust me, I see this all the time). Their services might be lacking. Their tenants aren’t actually that happy.


You probably know your competitors’ weak points — so play on that knowledge within the marketing message!


At the same time, play up your strengths, highlight how your communication is better, zero in on what sets you apart, etc.


With this simple strategy, you’ll have successfully siphoned off accounts and property owner leads from your competitors, all with your ethics perfectly intact.


Try it out and let me know how it goes!


This is just one strategy from my bag of marketing tricks. If you’d like to hear more, I’d love to talk about working together.