Marketing For Property Managers
That Generates Real Results


Think of my team and me as an extension of your business. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to make sure you’re acquiring more leads and units — and always growing, looking ahead to the future.

What’s our definition of success?

  • New Quality Property Owner Leads
  • New Accounts / Units
  • Achieving Your Desired Growth Goals

With our vast experience in different markets, we’ve perfected the art of targeting the right audience, whether it’s investors or accidental landlords.

Learn About
How It All Began

In 2012, we took on our very first property management client, Bay Management Group of Maryland.

After a year and a half in business, the owner, Pat, had managed fewer than 100 units. He’d hit a ceiling and felt stuck in that market. But was determined to grow.

My team and I quickly implemented a customized marketing strategy for his business. Within the first eight months, he had to move offices twice because he’d outgrown them.

At the eight-month mark, I received a call from Pat. “Hey, Jonathan,” he said, “What you’re doing is working, but I need you to stop everything because we’re growing too quickly! We’re getting too many leads. We need to take a step back, and hire the right people, and get the right processes in place.”

So that’s what we did. Two months later, we resumed our marketing strategy, and within five years we took him from fewer than 100 units to over 3,000 units.

Today, Bay Management Group has three offices and all the leads they can handle.

Through our series of huge clients wins and collaborations, we’ve come to understand exactly what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to generating quality property owner leads within the property management industry.


Our Signature 3-M Strategy:

Message, Method, Measure.


We make sure our messaging is speaking directly to investors and/or accidental landlords, depending on your needs. Because these are two very different audiences, each marketing message that reaches them is perfectly customized.

This makes it clear you understand their problems — and can provide the solutions they’ve been looking for.


We’ve distilled our years of experience into both long-term and short-term strategies. Our short-term strategies have generated high-quality property owner leads in as little as 24 hours.

Our long-term marketing strategies often include search engine optimization and targeted content. Over time, the long-term and short-term strategies begin working together, positioning you to dominate your market and continue to grow.


As you’ll soon see, we track everything. Phone calls, website forms, submissions — we know exactly where they’re all coming from.

By tracking and reporting everything, we quickly determine what’s working and what’s not so we can course-correct immediately. We generate high-quality property owner leads at an efficient cost per lead, always making sure your marketing is profitable, now and in the future.

Our Services

Online Advertising for Property Managers

As a Google Partner, we’re proud of our proven track record of using paid advertising to effectively generate high-quality leads.

How much are your competitors spending on their campaigns? We’ll find out and use it as a starting point to create a plan for you.

Most property management marketing companies won’t tell you (or don’t know), that an under-budgeted ad campaign will have a difficult time gaining enough momentum to see tangible results.

We always want to maximize the return on your investment. We incorporate phone call and website form tracking into our marketing campaigns and always know exactly which elements of your campaign are contributing to the most to your new leads. We monitor the quality of the leads and make adjustments throughout the campaign.

Also included in your advertising campaign are strategically designed landing pages within your website. These eye-catching, user-friendly pages help convert even more website visitors into quality leads.


Search Engine Optimization for Property Managers

We manage search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for successful property management companies throughout the nation. We know who to target, how to target them, and how to convert them into customers.

Benefits of Property Management SEO:

  • Reach new clients through improved search engine rankings
  • Attract leads 24/7
  • Acquire more rental units
  • Build your reputation as a property management expert
  • Maximize your ROI
  • And more!

With our vast experience in different markets, we’ve perfected the art of targeting the right audience, whether it’s investors or accidental landlords.

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Our SEO Process for Property Managers

Search Engine Optimization is truly an art form that many don’t understand or know how to implement. From 10+ years experience, here is some insight into what we do to generate real results for our property manager clients using SEO.

crafted-content-strategyCarefully Crafted Content Strategy

Engaging, relevant content is the most effective way to earn the attention and trust of your customers, especially when attracting property owner clients.

We develop content that speaks directly to property owners’ concerns while highlighting the benefits your property management company provides. They’ll instantly see how you’ll help them achieve their business goals.

The weekly blog posts we’ll create for you will lead to:

  • More high-quality visitors coming to your website
  • Building up trust with both tenants and property owners
  • A fresh website that’s always updated with new content
  • An increased chance you’ll rank for a variety of new search terms
  • You becoming a leading authority in the property management industry
seo-videoSEO Strategy

If you want your business to stand out on the always-crowded online world and attract new customers, your SEO strategy must be up-to-date. The complex algorithms are always changing — so leave it all to us.

Technical-SEO-ImprovementsTechnical SEO Improvements

By optimizing your site’s code with proper structure and markup, we ensure all of your site’s content is indexed quickly and frequently by Google. We’ll also optimize your site so that it loads as quickly as possible, a key Google ranking factor.

review-managementReputation & Review Management

Maintaining a positive brand and review rating online can be challenging for property management companies. That’s why we take a proactive approach to help you maintain a positive reputation online with Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews.

Social Media Marketing for Property Managers

We’ve seen too many property management companies use social media incorrectly in their attempts to acquire new managed properties. This is an area of marketing that’s full of myths — for example, posting status updates and holiday greetings aren’t the best use of your time and resources.

Let us make the most of your Facebook advertising efforts to reach property owners and investors, and effectively communicate how your unique services are exactly what they’ve been looking for.

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